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Many voters have gotten caught-up in the Obamanism Fad! Yes, I used the word fad. In my opinion, it is just that – a fad.

Yes, Senator Obama ‘preaches’ a good sermon.

     SIDEBAR: I’m surprised his campaign party hasn’t tried that one yet – fans fainting in the audience, right after saying “Amen.”

What the voters need to keep in the forefront of their minds, is the fact that this man has absolutely no experience in our Military, in addition to his lack of experience in so many other areas.

The significance? It’s a matter of National Security.

Think of it in these terms:

How much time would it take Senator Obama just to learn the lingo? Proven strategies? Counteractive terrorist tactics?

And, while the President need not be a Colonel or General in the Military, having at least some familiarity with the Military process is crucial to the security of this country.

Could this account for the recent attacks against Senator McCain, coming from the Obama camp? The very Senator (John McCain) that received a “Silver Star” and “Bronze Star” as well as the “Purple Heart” and “The Legion of Merit” in addition to the “Distinguished Flying Cross.” At this point, Senator Obama would have to ‘study’ long and hard, well into his late 70’s, to even come close to matching Senator McCain’s experience and first-hand knowledge.

The Obama camp seems to focus on Senator McCain’s temper a lot, also. Well, I would have to ask the voters at this point: Who would you rather have with their hand on that ‘red’ button when terrorists makes threats against our country?

A President who tries to sit down and ‘talk’ diplomatically with the terrorists?
A President who says: “F*-U terrorists, we’re not taking your s**t anymore” and hits that red button?

Yes, he swears …so what? He’s not doing anything the majority of the rest of us don’t do ourselves. Besides, if you ask me, it makes his message pretty darn clear and shows a sense of clarity in his intent. Nobody could misconstrue his character as ‘wimpy’ or ‘mealy mouthed.’ Our enemy would KNOW without a doubt, “This man means business.”

So, before you cast your vote, think long and hard – about the Foreign Countries supporting Senator Obama and what their policies/government structure is based on. And, what do they hope to gain from an Obama Presidency? This is yet another great indicator of what “Life after Obama” would reap.

I would love to see a polling of our Soldiers, whom fight for this country, and what their take is on Obama!

You will never see a foreign flag hanging in a McCain Campaign Office. Can Obama make that statement? Not unless he lies – again. [of course, that wouldn’t surprise me in the least] He does that a lot, but I’m sure he defines his lies as, “I CHANGEd my mind, I didn’t lie.” Afterall, he does stand for “Change.”

And, I have to agree that it is time for a change – we need a President who won’t take any flap, shows he is a force to be reckoned with, and stands his ground. The following video depicts John McCain during a Senate Select Committee on POWS/MIAS, in a heated moment. After viewing this video the only thing I can say – Way to go Senator McCain, you tell’em! Yours, is a voice of knowledge, passion, and first-hand experience; what does she know?

WARNING: This video is graphic in language (it shows he’s got brass ones too, if you ask me)



  1. NoHillaryNoVote said

    I am sharing this idea on several blogs this week where others are not supporting Obama.

    I am so tired of hearing about Obama spending big bucks to run his infomercial on October 29th by trying to blanket mainstream television airways.

    I think we need to begin to promote a “Turn off Obama-TV” on October 29th. I say – Do NOT Listen to or Watch Obama’s 30 minute commercial on October 29, 2008. Obama thinks he can MAKE us listen to what he has to say by spending all that money in order to have his commercial on several networks at the same time. We do NOT have to listen. We do NOT have to support this gimmick.

    Let’s all participate in: “Turn Off Obama-TV” that night. On October 29th for that specific 30 minutes: Push mute – Turn down the sound – Change the channel – or Turn off the television. Do not listen to any more of Obama’s hot air, false promises or his lies about McCain-Palin.

    INSTEAD for that 30 minutes do something else with your brain cells — (here’s a few ideas)

    Watch a different tv program
    Watch a DVD or video
    Listen to the radio
    Listen to a CD
    Read a book or magazine
    Play a board game
    Surf the web
    Watch YouTube videos
    Call a friend on the phone
    Play a video game
    Write an email to a friend
    Work on one of the word games or word puzzles in the newspaper
    Play the piano (or instrument of your choice)
    Do some exercising
    Play a card game
    Work on your family’s scrapbooks
    Bake Halloween cookies or cupcakes
    Work on your favorite hobby

    Between now and Oct 29th – Let others know that you are choosing NOT to listen to & to NOT watch Obama’s commercial. And encourage others to join in a national response to this media effort.

    For the record:
    I am a PUMA in VA who is not voting for Obama-Biden.
    I am a Black woman who is not voting for Obama-Biden.
    I am a registered democrat who is not voting for Obama-Biden.
    I am one of the voters who supported Hillary Clinton in the primary who is not voting for Obama-Biden.

    Please join me by choosing to turn away from Obama’s efforts to control the outcome of this election by spending so much money on a one night media blitz.

    Tell all your family & friends to “Turn Off Obama-TV” on Oct. 29th!!

  2. Hi,

    i registered because i think this is the right place for me.

    bye 🙂

    ]competitive intelligence

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