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Obama’s Friends and Associates

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They say you can judge a person by the company they keep, with that said, here are a few of Senator Obama’s friends:


Antoin Rezko, known as ‘Tony’ by his friends and family; a close Obama friend, business associate, employer, and more, for some seventeen years. Rezko is well known for his slumlord practices, but he can add “Indicted Obama Fund Raiser” to his resume. Rezko received loans from Chicago taxpayers to rehab a 31 unit building in the Englewood area, on Chicago’s South Side. (This was one of many loans) While Rezko couldn’t seem to find the money to provide heat to tenants during brutal winter conditions, he did manage to find $1,000 to contribute to Obama’s campaign. The 31 unit building, I speak of, was in Obama’s district. I guess Rezko figures he can pocket more money by paying fines, instead of fixing his slum-housing, as he was only fined $100. Rezko owned approximately eleven such properties in Obama’s district. You can read all about this and much more here:,CST-NWS-rez23.article
Pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who has recently found his fifteen minutes of fame, while Damning America to Hell. He too, was a long time mentor and close personal friend/advisor to Obama, for over twenty years. It was only after the Pastor’s racist rants and anti-American views became public knowledge, that Obama supposedly broke his ties to Pastor Wright. Pastor Wright officiated the Senator’s marriage, baptized both his children and has given ‘spiritual guidance’ to the Senator. Let us not forget, Obama swears he doesn’t remember hearing any ‘rants’ or racist remarks made by Pastor Wright during his attendance at the ‘good’ Reverend’s church? PLEASE MR. OBAMA, stop insulting my intelligence! That is the equivalent of the probability of attending KLAN meetings for over twenty years and swearing you never heard the “N” word. Do you think the intelligence of the American people is so lacking? Read about the details in the following article, written by Jim Davis, on his ‘first-hand’ knowledge, when he attended the church of Pastor Wright:
Bill Ayers, another friend and supporter of Obama, is considered by some “among the most despicable people living in America”:
Bill Ayers – who was on the FBI’S Most Wanted list for over 10 years?
An anti-American, traitorous radical who in the 1960s
and 70s, was a leader in the notorious underground terrorist group,
the “Weathermen.”

(The Weathermen declared war on the United States government and they bombed over 30 establishments, leading to multiple fatalities, including police officers).

Incredibly, on Sept. 11, 2001, Ayers is quoted by The New York Times as saying, “I don’t regret setting bombs … I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Read lots more about Bill Ayers, his communist/terrorist ties, and his participation in the bombing of the Pentagon here: *There’s tons of great info here*

Then there’s Khalid al-Mansour, AKA Don Warden, who raised money for Obama to attend law school. Who is Khalid al-Mansour you might ask?

Answer: A key adviser to a Saudi billionaire. The same Saudi billionaire that mentored the founding members of the Black Panthers.

It seems Khalid wrote to Percy Sutton, requesting Sutton to write letters on Obama’s behalf for entry into Harvard Law School:

How can someone with so many anti-American friends claim to love his country? How can someone who bashes the bible and carried the Koran for his swearing in ceremony, claim to be a Christian?


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