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Hillary as Secretary of State and Cabinet Taking Shape for Obama

Posted by alhavakia on November 22, 2008

Obama is moving swiftly to fill out his Cabinet and White House Staff. Without missing a beat, he’s making his list and checking it twice – Christmas has come early for P. Elect Obama. But, will America get a stocking filled with Coal? (An Industry Obama considers to be ‘dirty’ and wants to Bankrupt.)

While it is not yet official, Hillary Clinton has decided to give up her Senate seat and accept the Secretary of State position. Clinton said through a spokesman – discussions were on track for her appointment, but final arrangement had not been made.
President-elect Barack Obama will likely name Timothy Geithner, [president of the New York Federal Reserve] his Treasury Secretary.
Eric Holder, Obama’s choice for Attorney General, held the No. 2 slot in the Justice Department in President Bill Clinton’s administration [this is the third critical post as the president-elect rounds out his top Cabinet picks].
Lawrence Summers, a former Treasury Secretary [and one-time Harvard University president] is being considered as an Economic Adviser.
Economic posts also seemed likely for Austan Goolsbee and Jason Furman, Obama’s top two economic advisers during his campaign.
New Mexico’s Governor, Bill Richardson, a likely pick for Commerce Secretary
Other Likely Cabinet selections:
Former Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle of South Dakota – Secretary of Health and Human Services
Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano – Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas – Secretary of Labor
Obama also is filling out the ranks of his White House staff:
Patrick Gaspard – Political Director, he was Obama’s national political director during the general election campaign, and has long ties to labor.
Jackie Norris – Chief of Staff to first lady Michelle Obama
Catherine M. Russell – Chief of Staff to Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden
Cynthia Hogan – as Counsel to the Vice President
Moises V. Vela Jr. – Director of Administration for the VP
I’m not sure what my take is yet, and only time will give us accurate answers, but I welcome your take on P. Elect Obama’s potential Cabinet and Staff. Please weight in and share your thoughts or any additional facts you might have. All comments abiding by TOS will be published.

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Obama for President?

Posted by alhavakia on November 3, 2008

The truth is troubling, but the secrets and lies can destroy our country. After tomorrow the country we know and love can cease to exist. If you are a doubter of these facts, I emplore you to view the following and keep in mind where all the Obama campaign money has come from. Investigate who owns the media giants that have been pushing Obama down the throats of Americans.

OUR NATION, The United States of America was founded on Christian principles, by people who spoke English. Immigrants came to our shores because they dreamed of a better life, something our great country offered. They learned OUR LANGUAGE, OUR LAWS, and PLEDGED LOYALTY to our country.

Please watch the following video clips in their entirety before you cast your votes tomorrow. Our Country is depending on you:

OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT? Do you still support Obama? Are you willing to risk your country as you know it for a man who claims to be Christian, but still refers to himself as Muslim? The truth often comes out when we speak without thinking first. Please watch the following video:

Here is another informative video clip:

Are you still undecided? Then please watch the following:

If the above doesn’t expose this man’s audacity, I’m afraid nothing will and I can only pray to God he doesn’t get elected – and destroy the Greatest Nation this world has ever known.

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