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Michelle’s College Thesis – Part 1 of 4 & ‘Whitey’

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There has been much chatter about the ‘now’ infamous Princeton Thesis written by Michelle (Robinson) Obama. While Princeton has ‘restricted’ access until after the November Elections, you can read it here NOW, as part one of a four part series.

Part one contains the first 18 pages. Read and absorb, not only what she says, but the undertone. If you would like to be automatically notified when part two is posted, make sure to sign up (located at top of page on right ) on the drop down menu ‘blog info’ and subscribe to blog.

Make sure to watch the video below: Did Michelle Obama use “whitey” in reference to Whites, as racial slur? Watch and you decide. As with her husband, I get the distinct impression she doesn’t just have racial issues, but might possibly be racist. What do you think?

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Michelle Obama\’s Princeton Thesis 


 Whitey Remark:


One Response to “Michelle’s College Thesis – Part 1 of 4 & ‘Whitey’”

  1. said

    I skimmed her thesis before he decided to run for office and it scared the bejeebers out of me that this woman could be my 1st lady !! In my opinion she is a pure racist !!! She hates whites and would make slaves of every white and make them pay for every wrong done to blacks. She spued venom and is filled with hatred. God help America with the Obamas in the white house and may their stay there be short — 1 term only !!!! Because of what I read in her thesis I became politically active and came out of retirement !! The Obamas are the best/worst con artists in this century.. That is not a compliment… They lie so easily it is frightning. How did this maddness start and who do we have to thank for the mess we are in in America. Who backed Obama — George Soros perhaps.!! They bring shame to good people.

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