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Hillary as Secretary of State and Cabinet Taking Shape for Obama

Posted by alhavakia on November 22, 2008

Obama is moving swiftly to fill out his Cabinet and White House Staff. Without missing a beat, he’s making his list and checking it twice – Christmas has come early for P. Elect Obama. But, will America get a stocking filled with Coal? (An Industry Obama considers to be ‘dirty’ and wants to Bankrupt.)

While it is not yet official, Hillary Clinton has decided to give up her Senate seat and accept the Secretary of State position. Clinton said through a spokesman – discussions were on track for her appointment, but final arrangement had not been made.
President-elect Barack Obama will likely name Timothy Geithner, [president of the New York Federal Reserve] his Treasury Secretary.
Eric Holder, Obama’s choice for Attorney General, held the No. 2 slot in the Justice Department in President Bill Clinton’s administration [this is the third critical post as the president-elect rounds out his top Cabinet picks].
Lawrence Summers, a former Treasury Secretary [and one-time Harvard University president] is being considered as an Economic Adviser.
Economic posts also seemed likely for Austan Goolsbee and Jason Furman, Obama’s top two economic advisers during his campaign.
New Mexico’s Governor, Bill Richardson, a likely pick for Commerce Secretary
Other Likely Cabinet selections:
Former Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle of South Dakota – Secretary of Health and Human Services
Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano – Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas – Secretary of Labor
Obama also is filling out the ranks of his White House staff:
Patrick Gaspard – Political Director, he was Obama’s national political director during the general election campaign, and has long ties to labor.
Jackie Norris – Chief of Staff to first lady Michelle Obama
Catherine M. Russell – Chief of Staff to Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden
Cynthia Hogan – as Counsel to the Vice President
Moises V. Vela Jr. – Director of Administration for the VP
I’m not sure what my take is yet, and only time will give us accurate answers, but I welcome your take on P. Elect Obama’s potential Cabinet and Staff. Please weight in and share your thoughts or any additional facts you might have. All comments abiding by TOS will be published.

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Posted by alhavakia on September 18, 2008

Dick Morris, Political extraordinaire, weighs in and plots the critical states that might well determine who our next President will be.

With a projected 222 delegate votes for McCain, and a projected ‘leaning’ vote count of 68, it is projected McCain will obtain 290 delegates.

Jump over to Obama with a projected 146 delegate votes and 26 projected ‘leaning’ votes, Obama is lacking with only a total count of 172 – 98 shy of the necessary 270 needed to win the election. Click on the link at the end of this post to view the Morris Map.

I have to agree with Mr. Morris’ projections;

as well as (most recently) Donald Trump’s prediction that John McCain will be our next President.
Now we have members of Hillary’s camp announcing their support for McCain, no doubt in part due to Obama’s incessant assault on Sarah Palin. One would have to expect to lose many women’s votes when you start attacking ‘Motherhood’ and drawing dividing lines for single mothers.

I love to refer to Obama as “the foot in mouth man” for his consistency and dependability to offend the American Voter!

Also, I would like to touch on the state of the economy. With all the banter going around, targeting, labeling McCain as the third term Bush and the Republicans being the responsible party for the bad state of our economy, I would ask – who has really been in charge [on this issue] for the past two years? It sure wasn’t the Republicans! When did the backslide start? It wasn’t three years ago, or four years ago. I do believe it’s been more like two years! Who holds the majority seats for the past two years? Can we say DEMOCRATS!

As to Obama’s claims concerning the stimulus package … Obama had nothing to do with the stimulus package, nor did he even bother to vote on the issue. And, when it comes to equal pay – Obama pays his female staffers an average of $9,000 less per year than he pays their male counterparts. Where’s the equality there?

Yes, Obama sure can ‘talk’ about many things, but there comes a time when you must say … “Put up or shut up!” There’s no doubt in my mind, about the only thing he can deliver is a well written speech; so, it’s getting to that point when one can only say “Shut-Up!”

View Dick Morris Map here

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