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The Choices Before Us

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Even if you are of the belief that neither Senator Obama or Senator McCain is a good choice …

Given two bad choices – logic must rule. Deducing the facts, not promises and hopes for change to come about. Change comes with determination, action and implementation.

     SIDEBAR: You have an idea, it’s a great idea, you know it will work with some effort. My question now becomes … A) Do you talk to everyone with promises of ‘what you can do down the road’ – or do you – B) Take the necessary action to implement your idea with sheer determination?

Here’s a real good example, where there’s only one logical choice:

You’re conducting a job interview, do you …

A) Hire the potential employee, who promises to bring great change to the table within their first year – even though they have no prior experience or list of accomplishments – they’ll do that along the way. [and hope their mistakes won’t cost the companies millions]


B) Hire the potential employee, with a list (proven track record) of prior accomplishments, showing where action and implementation actually took place. [it was expensive, but it was fruitful]

…we all know the answer is clearly choice B).

Let’s say …

You realize there are no good candidates for the position you must fill. It now becomes a choice of – the lesser of two evils.

You won’t hire a candidate based on whether they can make promises of future change. You’ll go through the list of candidates, selecting the most qualified based on the record (their track record) of facts.

NOTE: Only in the end, can one hope to be hired because they have charisma, or because they are likable and smooth talking.

YOU SEE, in business, we select the most qualified – even if we don’t like them. Because, we want what’s most beneficial for the prosperity of our business.

So, my fellow Americans, I must ask you at this point to make a choice, even if it’s the lesser of two evils:

A) Choose the candidate of many promises for change, because he’s likable.


B) Choose the candidate with a proven track record, even if you’re not sure you like him.

Remember, your choice will be reflected on your children’s future and the future prosperity of this Great Country. I pray to GOD, logic will rule and the clear choice will be made.


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