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Obama vs McCain

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I have listed some statistics and background information for each cadidate, so that you can make an informed decision:

Military Backgound – OBAMA=0  MCCAIN=1

Obama – NO US Military background – no experience at war – takes honor from our Soldiers, calling the war bogus! And, where’s the Allegiance? The closest he can come, in relating to POWS, is by ‘reciting’ past history of ancestors. [Ummm, I have ancestors who were Christians of German descent, would that make me an expert on the Holocuast?]

No Pledge of Allegiance?


McCain – Yes, in addition to serving, he went to war, and was a POW. Well rounded experience and first hand knowledge. Silver Star Medal recipient, and other Top Military Honors. Military career of 22 years.

 Senator John McCain

 EXPERIENCE – OBAMA=143 actual experience days in session    McCain=20+years

Barack Obama –

Umm, he speaks well. Great motivational speaker. Great story teller. Loves the word change.


John McCain –

Captain, United States Navy, Vietnam, 1958-1981
Senate Navy Liaison, 1977-1981
Elected to congress in 1982
Elected to US Senate 1986
Ranking Member of the Armed Services, currently
He also serves on the Senate committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, and the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
And, the list goes on and on …
Link to Project Vote Smart – listing long list of accomplishments, experience, memberships, and more:
More to come soon …

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