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Obama Speech – Truth or Lies? You Decide

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Barack Obama is a great speaker, there’s no doubt about that. He’s very likable, in the image he presents. But, we all know – you NEVER judge a book by its cover.

When it comes to choosing a President though, the deciding factors should not be based on ‘presentation’ but, based on past ‘performance’ in addition to credibility and accountability. We need a responsible President, who will tell us the truth whether we like it or not; not a President who lies, distorts truths, or tells us what he thinks we want to hear, to be popular!

But, lest I remind you – Senator Obama, should not be held responsible for the actions of his polygamous, drunken, wife abusing, radical Muslim father, whom had a preference for sex with high school girls. Nor can we hold him accountable for being conceived outside of wedlock to an Atheist and Muslim Radical. What we can and should hold him accountable for – are untruths, distortions of truth or out-and-out lies.  I would insist you watch this video clip, where Sen. Obama claims he was conceived as a result of “The March on Selma” in Alabama. Then tell me if we can believe anything that comes out of this man’s mouth. The March on Selma, Alabama occurred in 1965 – Sen. Obama was born in 1961, yet he claims he was conceived after his parents met during the March on Selma? Com’on peeps, how arrogant do you have to be to out-and-out lie, during ‘live’ coverage? See it with your own eyes here: This is just one of many falsehoods by this man.


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