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Barack Obama’s Marriage License

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While publicly, Senator Obama has disassociated himself from Reverend Jeremiah Wright, he has always been a ‘constant’ in the Senator’s family and life. Here is the image, per request, of his Official Marriage License, as recorded:

Senator Obama\'s Marriage License


7 Responses to “Barack Obama’s Marriage License”

  1. Musca Law said

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    Musca Law

  2. borderraven said

    Has anyone found the Hawaiian marriage license for Barack Obama’s mother and father, BarackHussein Obama, Sr. to Stanley Ann Dunham?


    Barack Obama’s father, Barack Obama, Sr., … At the age of 23 Barack Obama Sr. leaves behind his pregnant Kenyan wife Kezia and their baby son

    February 2, 1961 – Barack Obama Sr., 25, marries 18 year old Ann Dunham, at the time of their wedding, Ann Dunham is already three months pregnant with Barack Obama, Jr., and she doesn’t know Barack Obama Sr. has a wife and children in Kenya.

    HRS §572-1 Requisites of valid marriage contract. In order to make valid the marriage
    contract, which shall be only between a man and a woman, it shall be necessary that:

    (3) The man does not at the time have any lawful wife living …

    Obama Family Tree

    Ask Nancy Pelosi, why she let a b@st@rd get elected to President?

    • alhavakia said

      Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions. Although, I do have reservations on some of the time-line facts, most specifically the place of birth for Obama. Hopefully Judge Carter will make a ruling in the near future that will require ‘production’ of all documents in question that have been sealed.

      One can only surmise at this point, why Obama would spend in excess of one million (1.4 m estimated) dollars to date, in an attempt to seclude these documents.

      GOD BLESS AMERICA, One Nation Under GOD

    • rosietheterrorist said

      The Cold Case Posse has irrefutable proven that the birth certificate and draft card are phonies. Period. They are sworn to uphold the law, Obama lies every day, who would you believe?
      The Cold Case Posse knows exactly which WH computer uploaded the phony certificate to the web which constitutes a felony. And since he is not a natural born citizen every law he has signed is invalid. Too bad Democrats, that is what you wished for. Imagine what the Supreme Court will have to wade through once Obama is impeached.

  3. Eric Rasmusen said

    The Commentor has a good question— were the senior Obamas ever married?

    Another possibility as far as the birth certificate goes— how sure are we that Barack Obama Senior, who later abandoned the child Barack Jr., is really his father? i don’t have other suspects, but that’s the kind of dangerous info a birth certificate might have.

  4. john mc carthy said

    I performed a background check for the Mass. Dem Party in 2004 right after the convention. I found that Michelle was gone from Harvard Law before Barry even arrived.Barry said he knew her from Harvard.Lie #1.I pulled Obama’s records at Harvard Law at the same time he was P/F.Almost any course he took utilized oral examines for negro students.The standards at Harvard have been lowered for the third world students.I traveled the world as an anthropologist.White people must wake up become ethnocentric. I am a Democrat and couldnt believe young people voted for this incompetent fool.He has done nothing for anyone.

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