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Birth Certificates Kenya and Hawaii

Posted by alhavakia on September 20, 2009

Ok, some of you are having problems finding the birth certificates I have posted images of. So, I decided to post the images in a new post. Below are images for comparison. Do you think the president might lend me a foot for a minute?

Please leave your comments on what you believe.

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

Barack Obama's alleged American Birth Certificate

Image of alleged Kenyan Birth Certificate, presented by Lucas Smith, for Barack Hussein Obama:

Birth Certificate presented by Lucas Smith

Birth Certificate presented by Lucas Smith


4 Responses to “Birth Certificates Kenya and Hawaii”

  1. Pretty easy to forge. I would like a typewriter analysis on this as well as the paper trail of where this came from. Who “found” it, who certified it, who released it.

    I’m no Democrat but I feel the whole birther movement is suspicious. Smacks of the truther movement designed with one purpose, a purpose filled with politics.

    • alhavakia said

      There is a quick and easy fix to lay this issue to rest once and for all – President Obama should stop fighting the release of his Birth Certificate if he has nothing to hide. But hey, that’s my opinion. Thank you for your input, I respect your opinion. The more Americans get involved, the less politicians can hoodwink us.

  2. Mik Taerg said


    Lucas Smith First Obama Birth Certificate

    • alhavakia said

      Yes, the first one was admittedly forged. This one seems to hold some validity, that’s why the Judge refused to dismiss suit, despite Obama’s insistence. Time will tell. Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate it.

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