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Judge Carter Sets Trial Date: Obama Birth and Eligibility to Serve

Posted by alhavakia on September 8, 2009

The case filed in a California Court, that challenges Barack Obama’s eligibility to be President of the United States, overcame a major hurdle today.

Judge David Carter set a hearing date for October 05 of this year, ordering that arguments in the case be submitted on the issue of discovery, in the pending suit that challenges Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution for “qualification” requirements.. This will be the first time the merits are argued in open court.

Judge Carter will also consider the “Motion to Dismiss” and whether it has merit. If Judge Carter determines the motion to dismiss lacks merit, the case will survive that challenge and move forward towards a pretrial hearing. Considering a pretrial hearing date has already been scheduled for January 11, 2010, I would think the chances of reaching a trial date are finally a real possibility. Judge Carter scheduled a tentative date for trial on Jan. 26, 2010.

While Judge Carter did not rule on Attorney Taitz’ motion to be granted discovery [production of the president’s concealed records], the mere fact that he has set a date to ‘argue’ the merit is a major victory.
Judge Carter did make comment that, if there are legitimate constitutional questions regarding Obama’s eligibility, they need to be addressed and resolved. I wholeheartedly concur with Judge Carter on that comment.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for October 05 to roll around. And better yet, I am looking forward to January 26, 2010. In the meantime, please meander over to my newest blog: TheGoSeeGirl


26 Responses to “Judge Carter Sets Trial Date: Obama Birth and Eligibility to Serve”

  1. Charles H Caines said

    I feel that a person no matter who it is Should produce a birth record and also had to have served in the Unided States Millitary in order to become President of the United States of America.The reason for the military background is to know what it is like and understand first hand what it is like to commit service people into a conflict.God Bless AMERICA.

    • alhavakia said

      I couldn’t agree with you more Charles. Thank you for commenting with your wisdom. Hopefully Judge Carter will order Obama to ‘produce’ and then maybe we will have some answers.

  2. S. Baum said

    I feel that a person no matter who he is should meet the requirements of the United States Constitution to serve as President of the United States. (Military service, of course, is not a requirement.)

    But notwithstanding the clear mandate of the Constitution, the problem the founding fathers left us with is the lack of an efficient qualification mechanism, which should be a condition precedent to the right to appear on a ballot, not something to be proved or not proved after an election.

    At last, however, the genius of creating a third branch of government, an independent federal judiciary, is apparent. It took a while, but we’re finally going to get our answer.

    • alhavakia said

      …lack of an efficient qualification mechanism, which should be a condition precedent to the right to appear on a ballot…

      Prior to Obama, I assumed the forms they filed to ‘run’ on ballet included the requirement to provide a birth certificate. Just goes to show once again what an assumption can get you, lol. The fact that there is no requirement to furnish a certified copy of birth record just blows my mind. Americans are getting involved and keeping a watchful eye again, this is good.

      Thank you for your wise input, much appreciated.

  3. Roger said

    You can bet if he’s not a natural born citizen, he’s got someone working on a birth record that will stand up under the highest of scrutiny. I’ve always wondered why he went to Hawaii when his grandmother was supposedly on her death bed and left his wife and children on the U. S. mainland.

    • alhavakia said

      Judge Carter is a very wise judge and with how he has handled this case so far [fair], I don’t think he’s going to have any of that – I’m sure he would verify the recordation number and signatures. And let’s not forget the birth certificate presented by Lucas contains a foot print. I’m hoping Judge Carter will require Obama to submit for a ‘current’ footprint. While this is not a usual or customary practice, the Judge does have the authority to make such an order. Anyway you look at it, you can bet Obama’s legal team will appeal any ruling Carter makes. Eventually though, he’s going to have to ‘produce’ his [legitimate, certified] birth certificate – unless he wants a revolt on his hands.

      • Gary said

        The 44th likely made the quick trip to Hawaii to have an image of his foot “minaturized” to fit a forged birth certificate. Certainly his method of getting things done will help him get away with this issue.

  4. Roger said

    I hope and pray Obama’s ruse is revealed.

    The Congress of the United States actually held hearings to look at the Constitutional eligibility of John McCain but not Barack Obama.

    For 220 years, every U.S. President has met the Constitutional requirements for his office. Until now.

    Obama said, “Whenever possible my administration will ……. make all information available ……. to the American people …….. so that they can make informed judgements and hold us accountable”.

    • alhavakia said

      Re: I hope and pray Obama’s ruse is revealed.

      You stand among a growing crowd, who’s numbers increase daily. As to Obama’s promises, he breaks them without giving it a second thought. But, arrogant people bring about their own undoing, and Obama is one of the most [if not THE MOST] arrogant persons in Washington. Look at his promise for …5 day prior, publication of bill proposals to end pork barrel project…he then turns around and does the very thing he promised not to do ‘rush through congress’ on the Stimulus package, and boy did the American people get screwed. Here’s a sight with some postings of Obama’s broken promises:

      As to accountability, the citizens of this country have allowed/accepted ‘no’ accountability from any/every branch of government so long, they all figured they could do what they want. Well, that was yesterday – it’s a new day and a new age – ‘no’ accountability is no longer acceptable.

  5. Kelli Garner said

    Thats very good to know… thanks

  6. BJ said

    I am just a nobody, but things just don’t add up. It is not even the birth certificate that bothers me. I may be missing the point, but from what I have read, based on the age of his mom, and the fact that his dad was not a US citizen, he didn’t quite meet the criteria of citizenship based on the US laws AT THE TIME. Then, after his father’s death, Obama’s mom married a guy from Indonesia. Obama speaks of living in Indonesia in his books. In order for Obama to be in school at THAT TIME in Indonesian history, Obama had to be an Indonesian citizen. If he became a “citizen” of Indonesia, he was no longer a US citizen and eligible to be an American president…just as Arnold S. will never be eligible to be an American president. Where are the documents showing him coming back to the United States? I have also read, and heard on the news that he applied for (and received) “foreign” student aid for his college education. How did a “foreigner” become President? Why were hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in attorney’s fees locking down ALL college records?

    • alhavakia said

      You are right on all accounts, with one exception I must point out: You are NOT a nobody, while you might not have any ‘pull’ in a direct manner. When the American people unite and come together with a focused purpose – Washington, State Reps. and every other Public servant cannot ignore us.

      As to why the ‘hundreds of thousands in legal fees’ – it’s easy enough to figure out, and I do believe Americans are wising up. Remember a person only ‘hides’ something when they have something to hide. I used to have an image of the ‘alleged’ [for legal purposes] application for ‘aide for foreign’ students, in addition to the ‘alleged’ registration for school in Indonesia that shows ‘Barry’ as a citizen of Indonesia. Also, what many non-muslins don’t know: Once a Muslin, there are only two means of conversion from that religion – renouncing prior to age eighteen by declaring a diminished mental capacity OR death. Now, consider this – P. Obama said [in 2007] he has been a Christian for twenty years. This would date his conversion to an age of 24 years – well past the acceptable age. Seeing how he is still around and cannot claim age exception – can only mean one thing. And the ‘slip of the tongue’ Obama made during his interview with George S. only further proves to me, what I suspected all along is true.

      Make no mistake, if P. Obama was a naturally born citizen of the United States, he would have made his [certified] record of birth public long ago. Hopefully, Judge Carter will rule for “full disclosure” in the Lucas suit.

  7. George said

    Wouldn’t that be something if he turned out to not be born here. I wonder what would happen then? Pres Biden? Pres McCain? A new election?
    I can just see the Democrats attempting to use their voting majority to change the Constitution!

    • alhavakia said

      Yes, it would be President Biden. Maybe that’s why Biden accepted Obama’s request as a running mate? P. Obama has lied repeatedly, even his application to the Bar contained a blatant lie: Question: Are you known by any other names? [Publication item listed: Full former names?] Answer: None. You may see for yourself: ARDC Individual Attorney Record of Public Registration

      And let us not forget, Nancy Pelosi would become Vice President. While I hate to sound bias [you can research this for yourself] until the dems are no longer in control, this nation faces many woes.

      • According to the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, enacted in 1967, the office of Vice President would remain vacant, to be filled by nomination by the new president and confirmation by both Houses of Congress.
        The office of VP has been left vacant for approximately 40 of the last 218 years, nearly all prior to the enactment of the 25th Amendment.

        Nancy Pelosi would not automatically become VP.

      • alhavakia said

        Thank you for the correction. I should have worded my statement with more clarity. Upon ascendancy to the office of President, the former Vice President-now-President must nominate a new Vice President as per Section 2 of the 25th Amendment ratified in 1967, ” Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.” V.P. Biden [upon becoming president] most likely would nominate Pelosi. I wouldn’t ‘project’ either house objecting to that.

        It’s nice to know, where I might slip-up, there are ones such as yourself, to set the record straight. Again, thank you for the correction and the time to read my post.

  8. A.J. Zevgolis said

    If Obama was an illegal candidate for President to begin with, then could it not be argued that everything he has proposed, signed, or endorsed, (including his selection of a Vice Presidental running mate) is invalid. I would argue that the speaker would take over and a new President and Vice President would have to be elected, or possibily the Republican ticket would be declared the true winner by default.

    • alhavakia said

      You have raised an excellent point. And your logic is on point concerning the Speaker [Pelosi], but our legal system has gotten so entangled that even the legal eagles might have a problem answering that question. Surely, an Historic event in any case. Thank you for your excellent observation.

  9. A.J. Zevgolis said

    The people have a right to know everything about any candidate running for a public office to represent them. If Obama’s candidacy turns out to be a fraud upon the American people, I hope that the most severe form of punishment will be administered to all those whose responsibility was to qualify the Candidate. The National Democratic Committee should also be levied heavy fines and penalties for their part in this alleged charade. In comparison, those involved in Watergate were pikers.

    • alhavakia said

      The more ‘we the people’ get involved, the less control our government will have over our day to day lives. We must not ask, but demand accountability and transparency from our government.

      As to P. Obama: The fact that the DOJ stepped in on Obama’s behalf [and from my understanding, at Obama’s behest], filing a last minute motion on Friday should tell the American people something. While I can only ‘presume’ Obama’s legal team thought this might cause Judge Carter to ‘postpone’ [at the very least] hearing Lucas’ motion, Judge Carter instead set the hearing on that motion for 8:30 am (Pacific time), just prior to Lucas. I have yet to hear if the judge has ‘decided’ on either. But, I will post any news as I learn of it. Thank you for your comments.

      • A.J. Zevgolis said

        Concerning the DOJ and the Attorney General. I was always under the impression that both protected and served for the benefit of the people of the United States, not the politicians in office. A public office holder should have no more rights than the average citizen. I have witnessed first hand this abuse. Officer holders on all levels, and members of their administration using public funds(the taxpayer’s own money)to unjustly defend their position, or themselves. Their battle cry was “If they don’t like it they can sue us”, knowing full well at the time that the average citizen does not have such funds available to either defend themselves, or to make their case against abuses of government power.

      • alhavakia said

        You are correct in your assertions! And. I too, know first hand the injustice and abuse of government power. There are so many injustices that occur daily within our country, mostly due to personal agenda, that the average citizen never even hears about. It is well documented through research efforts, when charged with a serious offense and unable to afford competent legal representation, you will more often than not, be convicted – regardless of guilt. But, that’s another topic.

  10. J. W. Carlile said

    I have doubts of the wisdom by Judge Carter selecting a clerk with such strong ties with P. Obama. This cannot produce a just conclusion with any sense of fair and just. I DESPERATELY PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY.

    • alhavakia said

      To say I was livid when Judge Carter dismissed the case would be an understatement. But, when I heard J. Carter’s new clerk was a former employee of the same law firm used by Obama – I knew in my heart – it was coming.

      One of the chief problems we face with how our Country is being run is – “Who” is running it – right into the ground. Until the citizens of this country demand that “We the People” be heard, and listened to – then acted upon appropriately – things will only get worse. Our government is out of control, over-bloated with over paid, self-serving Politicians and a President who has no respect for the every day American.

      It’s fair time the people stand tall, united – and demand accountability. Starting with the President – who has yet to show a morsel of respect for the thousands, upon thousands, of Americans who have requested he ‘prove’ his eligibility. But, you see – therein lies the problem – I believe it is a request he cannot fulfill legitimately. I don’t believe he is truly eligible to hold office.

      I also believe it is a well known inside secret, that’s no secret at all. But, there’s too many hands and too many pockets that are deeply vested in Obama and his administration – hey they have to re-coup and profit first, right? Nuff said!!

  11. Mark said

    After all is said and done, and he is found ineligible to be President, wouldn’t all of this be equal to Treason?

    • alhavakia said

      Only if we can prove he deliberately set out to harm our Country. Under Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

      My personal belief, Congress cannot allow that to happen, I think too many heads would have to ‘roll’ and it’s a “CYOA” government these days. One day though I think all the dirt will come out in the wash. Unfortunately, that one day will probably be fifty years from now.

      We can keep our fingers crossed however and pray hard. Miracles happen everyday.

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