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Stimulus Package & American Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009

Posted by alhavakia on February 3, 2009

There has been much debate over the stimulus package and whether Americans should sign the petition to vote no. But the 111th Congress’ First Session has already enacted H. R. 1, also known as the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.”

There seems to be a lot of mis-information going around as to the details of the act, so I thought it best to afford the general public the opportunity to read the actual document for themselves. Right click here and select ‘open in new window’ to read or select ‘save as’ to download: American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009

Also, for those in opposition to the stimulus package, here is the link to vote NO.

Please weigh in with your opinions to have your voice counted by making comments below.


13 Responses to “Stimulus Package & American Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009”

  1. smellytourist said

    Dear Senate: Resist your impulses to turn America into a European socialist country.

  2. djcnor said

    On my viewer, it came up as 680 pages. I can’t possibly take the time to view all that. But I do


    and I’m very much convinced that Obama is the smart guy, that he has thought through it all not just in the short term, which is what the GOP critiques all seem to be about, but the long term results.

    I’m FOR the thing. I read enough to find out that recipients are required to spend the money within 90 days or lose it, in general. And I think a new President deserves that much time at the very least. more like 2 years, but Americans don’t have that much patience, more’s the pity.

    • alhavakia said

      I understand time constrictions very well, that was the purpose in posting a download link, for leisure reading. Thank you for your valued comment and taking the time to read my post.

  3. Scott Fox said

    So the plan is to take money from Americans, run it through the bureaucracy and red tape in Washington, and them give it back to Americans. Brilliant!

  4. djcnor said

    You both have missed the essence of the way government is conducted in the US. Not to mention that you’ve failed to read even the summaries of the plan yourself. All that government bureaucracy you guys talk about is farmed out to private businesses. Those same ones we all deal with. And the plan gives the money directly to such private enterprises as provide services which even when applied to government save money in the long run. The US has thought about nothing long term in so long that you don’t even recognize it when someone comes along who does think long term, as is abundantly evident in any section of the plan you actually take the trouble to readl.

  5. alhavakia said

    I don’t believe either Mr. Fox or myself have missed the point – our tax dollars, or should I say ours, our children’s and grandchildren’s tax dollars are being disbursed as President Obama sees fit.

    As to the ‘essence’ of the way government works? Whatever gets the vote will always be the ‘promises’ made. Whether those promised hold true or not, only time will tell.

    Evidenced by campaign contributions Obama was able to raise, it would seem more feasible that he ‘campaign’ all the daffy ducks and other contributors to support this effort. Afterall, they are the ones who placed him in office when it gets down to the brass tacks of the matter.

    Why burden the American tax payers? Smooth talking P. Obama could sell ice to the eskimos for top dollar and make them believe they are getting a steal of a deal. So why not glam talk the foreign oil money to foot the bill for the stimulus?

    Thank you for sharing your opinion though, as all are valued and appreciated.

  6. djcnor said

    Yes, you have. And you’ve missed it again. Those tax dollars are going out in a way in which taxes will be paid again and again on them as the money cycles through lots of pairs of hands. It’s also going out to projects that proved to produce long-term prosperity in other countries long ago.

    There’s a big difference between a smooth talking con man and Obama. It’s called statesmanship and the ability to express your ideas clearly and convincingly, the ability to debate. I know you’s not seen it for a good long time, at least 8 years, but we now have a highly intelligent guy up there.

    The American taxpayers are getting an amazing deal with Obama in the White House.

  7. Alhavakia said

    What did I miss? 18 billion in executive pay and bonuses for the same people who created this mess? AIG? CITYGROUP? I don’t think the American taxpayer will see that as well spent money!

    While it is true P. Obama will ‘try’ to cap these exec. bonuses and pay, even with $500,000 a year [per exec] — how many middle income taxpayers do you think will find this an amazing deal?

    NOTE: keyword=try

  8. djcnor said

    The part you’re talking about happened under Republicans. Look at Obama’s bill and see where the money goes. Not to bankers and such.

  9. Alhavakia said

    P. Obama made a good move this past hour by placing caps on [execs of bailout tax dollars] salaries, bonuses, future vested stocks, but if you take a close look to the shift of power [dems/reps] and when it occurred – you might see where the shift in economy soon ensued.

    What would be great for our country, would be moving past the pointing fingers to the past and learning valuable lessons from these mistakes & misdeeds. How Bush handled the war and his driving reasons for taking this country to war are common knowledge to the informed public. He will have to live with that guilt, probably why he has appeared to be inebriated every time he stepped before the cameras.

    And please do not reply about the war in Iraq being a mistake, I have too much respect for all the soldiers that gave their lives to protect our freedom, with loyal service to their country. And unless you were there yourself, you will never be able to begin to imagine the sacrifices they continue to make — so that people like us can continue with our diatribes and opinions on blogs like this.

    So, do you have any suggestions that would lead to positive production? I would love to hear them. Again, thank you for commenting and visiting my blog. I truly do appreciate the visits – and comments.

  10. djcnor said

    it’s not easy refraining from asking the connection with our freedom (which would take nothing at all from the soldier;s respect), but I will.

    Yes, I suggest we give Obama’s ideas a good two years before we pass judgement on them. The guy has an IQ somewhere near 160, probably, judging by the fact that Harvard undergrads have an average of 130, the law school is even more selective, and he was in the top 10% of the law school class (because Harvard only gives magna cum laude to the top 10%), which means he is very very strong in reasoning ability which is what law school is all about.

  11. Alhavakia said

    I think we should give P. Obama every opportunity, as he has taken on a challenge to rival any prior President. Afterall, he had the integrity to apologize during his interview with Anderson Cooper.

    As to the IQ? I know some really dumb (low IQ) people who have done wonderful things. But here you go:

    IQ? (+or- margin 6) Taking into account SAT & LSAT (pre-1996)
    Hillary Clinton = 140
    George W = 125
    P. Obama = 116 to 120 (depending on method used could be as high as 130)

    My IQ is Supposedly = 141
    So needless to say, I’m not so sure as to the accuracy of IQ tests

    I don’t consider myself to be unintelligent, but I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed either — not by a long shot!

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