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Nominees Withdraw | Asking President Obama to Withdraw Their Names

Posted by alhavakia on February 3, 2009

Filling Hillary Clinton’s seat in New York was followed with withdrawls, first by Caroline Kennedy, then by Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand, who was named by Gov. David Paterson.

Now we have the beginning of withdrawls for our new president. First Nancy Kilifer bows out, now Tom Daschle withdraws his name. Tom Daschle withdraws over tax problems, while Nancy Kilifer states her reason as being that she does not want to cause delays for President Obama. Both were apologetic for their withdraws.

President Obama says he has set high standards for his cabinet, yet there seems to be a problem with high standards for some of his nominees. Should we begin to question President Obama’s judgment in selecting persons of high standards?

Who will be named in their absence now? I guess that is the question our new president will have to answer, but I would guess – that’s anybody’s guess at this point.


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