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Executive Order Removes Ban | Abortion

Posted by alhavakia on January 23, 2009

Thirty-six years ago, [in a landmark decision] in the case of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court legalized abortion.

Now comes the President of ‘change’ with an executive order, lifting the ban on federal funding of overseas abortions. Broadening the acceptibility of abortion by reversing the policy of his predecessor. Now we can fund foreign abortions on top of everything else our government funds with our tax dollars.

The policy [reversed] required non-governmental organizations to agree prior to receipt of U.S. Funds, that they would “neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.” Known as the ‘Global Gag Rule’ for prohibiting taxpayer funding for groups that so much as ‘talked’ about abortion where there was an unplanned pregnancy.

I will most likely take a verbal beating from other women for the following, but I’ve never been one to hold my tongue on important issues.

OK, President Obama, I gave you double kudos for taking action on Guantanamo Bay; but on the issue of abortion, you have failed our unborn children.

How can you support [and basically promote] abortion on any level, much less in this fashion? You talk of the future holding as much opportunity for our daughters as for our sons. How does abortion provide more opportunity for our daughters? By killing our grandchildren?

We are teaching the youth of today life has no value — when we can dispose of it at convenience. Hence, the real problem is in the teaching. I would much prefer you sign an executive order ensuring funds for adequate education across the board. Public schools across the country are in dire need of funding. Parents volunteering as class assistants, schools requesting supplies such as paper towels, bathroom tissue, hand soap, pencils, pens, paper, and the list goes long! Why?

The answer to this will take me back to that word “accountability” which I believe should be synonymous with your favorite word — change. Provide enough funding and regulate that funding via accountability to educate our children. Educate our children to be responsible human beings in society, manner, and self respect.

When we are too blind to see our own shortcomings to supply even the basic needs of our children, how can we expect our children to learn basic ‘good’ character traits, much less possess better traits than we ourselves possess? Children learn more by example than they do by reading directives contained within the printed pages of a book.

On a deeper level, children discover their value by the value we place upon them. They learn by the examples we teach through our actions, or lack thereof.

Then let’s take this a few steps further by holding yourself and the rest of our government ‘accountable’ for any and all action or lack thereof. Now that, in my opinion, is real CHANGE.


2 Responses to “Executive Order Removes Ban | Abortion”

  1. to anwser your question: How can you support [and basically promote] abortion on any level, much less in this fashion?

    he does so because 80,000 women a year DIE from botched abortions

    desperate women will find a way to have an abortion whether it is legal or subsidized

    legal abortion provides opportunities for my son and for his unborn daughters just as it did for me

    • alhavakia said

      While it is true some women will seek out abortion regardless of whether it is legal or not, that does not justify subsidizing. Responsible adults know the potential of pregnancy when engaged in sex. It is a risk they choose to take. Knowing the possible consequences prior to engagement, then engaging, is acceptance of those consequences. Allow to me explain in a different way:

      A drug addict will find a way to get their next fix, for some, even if it means robbery or murder. So should we subsidize that as well? And in the case of rape or incest, where a child is produced as a result — I must hold to the belief that God knows what he is doing. No man has a right to destroy what God has created, in my opinion. There are many loving people who [cannot have their own children for one reason or another] would be very willing to raise such a child as their own.

      We must start taking responsibility for our actions and correct those needing correction. While some things should be subsidized [to enhance life quality] we cannot afford to become a country of subsidization.

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