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Money Ties To American Enemies?

Posted by alhavakia on September 27, 2008

While we know Obama is a great ‘orator’ and can deliver a speech with impact, given he is provided a script; what the public doesn’t seem to know is where the money is coming from that just seems to flow right into Obama’s campaign, as well as his college education.

For those of you left thinking Obama made his money through the sales of his book to pay for his ‘student loans’ and that his campaign contributions come from the American voters – you might want to think again.

At the time Obama attended Harvard, the costs associated with his education ran around $25,000 a year, or $75,000 for the three years that Obama attended. And as president of the Harvard Law Review, he received no stipend from the school as it is a volunteer position.

As a United States Senate candidate, Barack Obama was required to file a financial disclosure form in 2004 detailing his assets, income, consulting contracts, and liabilities. Obama listed “zero” under liabilities in 2004 and in all subsequent U.S. Senate financial disclosure forms. Senator Obama’s financial disclosures found no trace of any outstanding college loans, going back to 2000.

Michelle Obama borrowed $40,762 to pay for her years at Harvard Law School.
And while Michelle claims they paid Senator Obama’s students loans off with proceeds from the sales of his [Obama] books, the original release was a flop. It was not until the re-release in paperback print that any royalties were earned and that was in late 2005 to early 2006. As a matter of fact, in April of this year, speaking to voters in Haverford, Pa, Michelle Obama claimed that her husband had “just paid off his loan debt” for his Harvard Law School education.

So why was there no disclosure of these debts or student loans and repayments, if they ever existed to begin with?

Where did the money come from? Senator Obama should have had at least $30,000 (more accurately $42,000+) in student loans. And what about the 10’s of thousands of dollars for his under graduate studies at Columbia?

These questions remain unanswered by the Obama camp and I doubt they ever will be answered – honestly.


And, is any ‘dirty money’ funding the Obama campaign?

Consider this:

Obama’s internet fund raising campaign, which has raised in the neighborhood of $200 million so far, is more then twice the total funds raised by any candidate in history and this was all from the internet campaign. Internet service providers (ISP) were able to trace were the money was coming from and while Obama’s camp claims Obama internet contributions were from $10.00 to $25.00 or so [each], records indicate there were only a few credit cards involved in all these contributions, not the 13 million you would expect to find.

The cincher? These contributions came from Saudi Arabia , Iran , and other Middle Eastern countries; not the American voters.

What is their interest in this Presidential Race? And, more important is the question: What is their interest in Barack Hussien Obama and their expectations in return of their support and investments? The obvious answers are quite scary!


2 Responses to “Money Ties To American Enemies?”

  1. Dave said

    Can anyone substantiate the rumor that the Feds and FinCen are investigating the laundering of six million to the Obama campaign from an Iranian?

  2. alhavakia said

    In a NewsMax article written by Jim Meyers, November 05, 2008, he cites an investigation by Newsmax correspondent Kenneth R. Timmerman, who uncovered numerous examples of questionable donations, including those originating from foreign sources in apparent violation of laws forbidding candidates from accepting foreign money.
    The total is in excess of $60 million suspected foreign currency conversions and donor names such as Daffy Duck.

    You can read the entire article at:

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