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Sarah Palin: All American Leader

Posted by alhavakia on September 3, 2008

Can America ask for anything more?
Find my blog on Sarah Palin : here

Governor Sarah Palin – All American, Indepenent, Business Woman, Mother, Maverick, Leader, Athlete, and the list goes on and on … If Americans thought Senator Obama’s Democractic nomination was historic – Move over Obama – and make room for Governor (and future VP) Sarah Palin. She’s breaking ground, and doing so, in a major way!

The question of the hour seems to be whether Governor Palin is capable of Leading our great Country, in the event something happened to her running mate, and she found herself at the helm? There is ‘chatter’ as to whether she has enough experience (as a first term Governor) and if she has what it takes to lead the most powerful country in the world. Is she tough enough?

These are legitimate questions, but the questions that follow, are most offensive to me. Wow, talk about creating a political stir! It never ceases to amaze me how fast rumors and inuendoes flurry across the nation. Speculation about her youngest child, her 17 year old daughter, and so on …

Not only do I take offense as an American, but as an American Woman! Afterall, she IS breaking that glass ceiling Sen. Hillary Clinton almost attained. And neither of these strong women have achieved all they have to date by being anything less than competent!

Why weren’t all these questions being asked of Senator Obama, who is running for President and would be at the helm if (big) he were elected? Had they been, one would realized very quickly – Obama is ‘paling’ in comparision to Palin. And Senator Obama has shown just how scared and intimidated he is (and rightly so) when it comes to Governor Palin. If I didn’t know better, I would think Obama was running against her (Palin), not Senator John McCain.

Let me state, “Any woman who can make it as far as Governor Palin, an All American Mother of five children, can be nothing less than ‘tough’ and nothing less then a Skilled Leader, Organization Expert, and Negotiator with the strongest of Backbone!”

Senator Obama’s launched attacks towards Gov. Palin solidifies the answer to who is more qualified; and Obama’s obvious inability to focus his attention on the issue at hand or even what the issue is. Yes, Senator Obama, you should be scared … very scared! Standing side by side – Gov. Palin would be the College Graduate standing next to (you) a First Grade Student, preparing for their first day of school!

Governor Palin is the perfect compliment to Senator McCain – both Mavericks in their own rights.

American voters have been presented the opportunity to really ‘change’ our country for the better – and in a huge way – not change (nickels and dimes) in our pockets, but a DIFFERENCE. A Real Difference, for the better.


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